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A message from Sierra Leone

A letter from the Chair of the Waterloo Partnership in Sierra Leone   

Dear Trustees and Committee members of WPUK,

On behalf of WPSL committee I wish you a successful AGM this evening.

A year has gone since your last AGM but little did we expect that the deadly Covid pandemic would cause so much death and distress, not only in your country but the whole world. We have had our share of the pandemic which is still with us.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and all the various donors for coming to our aid during this trying time in our impoverished community, which is in one of the poorest countries the world. You supported us with food, water and other items for people quarantined as a result of infection. Even recently you helped us with Veronica buckets and soap to promote personal hygiene in public areas such as schools, markets etc. that are prone to bacterial and viral infection. Your support in these areas is greatly appreciated by our residents as the Covid epidemic caused some major changes in the lives of our community members.

You also continue to help our vulnerable women famers with seeds and tools to generate personal income which has helped in food and income generation. Provision and maintenance of hand pumps have helped our community to access clean and safe drinking water hence reducing the incidence of water-borne diseases.

The education of Ebola orphans has yielded results, as the provision of an extra bag of rice for the orphans has eliminated hunger during lunch time. Our longstanding Uniform Scheme for OVCs education has produced three nurses, one tertiary graduate and another in her finals. Our thanks and appreciation go to all the various donors for their support.

I wish to assure you that all your various contributions are used for their intended purposes and strictly monitored by WPUK.

Hundreds of lives have been changed over the years especially this last trouble ridden one. Thank you WPUK.

Alieu Mansaray

Chair WPSL.

13 February 2021

Latest News from Waterloo – Sierra Leone


Our Latest Newsletter – Autumn 2020

In our latest newsletter you will read about the ‘Cruel price of Rice’ and the latest about COVID-19 in Sierra Leone. Click here to read the latest copy.

News from Sierra Leone


Waterloo is a planned iron-grid structured settlement founded in 1819 for ex African combatants disbanded from the Napoleonic Wars in Europe. Later ex-Africans slaves captives also settled there.

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Our Latest Newsletter – Jan 2020

We have been working very hard with our partners in Waterloo, Sierra Leone. Please Click here to read all about our work in the latest newsletter.

Mrs Sue Kendall

SueWaterloo Partnership UK would like to pay tribute to their recently deceased Chairperson, Sue Kendall.

Sue had a long association with Waterloo, Sierra Leone as a teacher and as a member, trustee and chairperson of Waterloo Partnership. She worked tirelessly and enthusiastically, with a great sense of humour, fairness and diligence. She always listened, discussed and acted with wisdom and warmth and was a good friend to all who worked with her.

As Chairperson, Sue’s professionalism and personality commanded respect and maintained stability, friendship and trust between ourselves and our partners in Sierra Leone.

Despite having many other commitments in her life, Sue never forgot the difficulties many others have. She wanted to do something to help the people of Waterloo, Sierra Leone and initially funded a well. That was just the beginning….. She maintained her devotion to others: giving her time, energy, friendship, cheerfulness and love.

We would like to offer Sue’s family our condolences at their loss and thank them for Sue’s  commitment to Waterloo Partnership. During her lifetime Sue touched many lives and, as a charity, we resolve to continue her altruism, love and dedication to the people of Sierra Leone.

News from Sierra Leone

We have been working hard with our partners at the Waterloo Partnership in Sierra Leone. Click below to read about the various health, education and infrastructure projects that we have been working on.

Click here to read our Newsletter

Message from Sierra Leone

Our Chair in Sierra Leone, Mr Alieu Badara Mansaray sent the following message following our recent AGM. From Mr Mansaray’s letter it is heartening to hear of the impact of the Waterloo Partnership over the last 10 years. Many thanks to all our donors; past and present.

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Nurse Update!

Cynthia is in Waterloo. She has sat final state exams and is awaiting her results. If she succeeds she will attend a matriculation ceremony and will be given her license to practice her career.

Betty is in her second year and is now attached to a special unit where she will be exposed to sight savers, dental, physical disability ,chest,ENT, and mental health. This will last about three months. This will be followed by more lectures and other activities.

Frances is pursuing her preliminary introductory course which will be followed by exams between June and July. If she goes through she will have to switch over to the School of Nursing where Betty is attached. The reason is that COMMAHS will terminate the SECHN course and she can only continue her first year at Redeemer School of Nursing.

Ebola Care Givers

Our sponsorship of the 45 Ebola care givers has continued. The care givers who provide support and care for children orphaned by the Ebola Crisis in 2015 are pictured receiving their latest micro-finance payments from the Partnership.


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Letter of thanks : Crosby URC

Following the most successful Christmas Praise Proms Concert which raised £300 for the Waterloo Partnership, we received this lovely letter from Mr. Artey Williams. Thank you Artey for organising such a wonderful occasion.

Click here to see the letter from Crosby United Reformed Church.

Christmas Concert in aid of Waterloo Partnership

Please come along and support The Christmas and Praise Proms at Crosby United Reformed Church on Sunday 11th of December at 3pm. There is no charge but you will be able to make a donation. All proceeds will kindly be donated to our work in Sierra Leone.


Christmas Gift Scheme and Latest Newsletter

Our Christmas Gift Scheme makes a real difference to their lives of the community of Waterloo, Sierra Leone. You will be able to purchase gifts for a friend or loved one. You can choose from : Care for Orphans, Farming, Education, Health and Clean Water.

Click Here to access information and an order form to purchase gifts that last a lifetime.


Click here to access the latest Newsletter from the Waterloo Partnership.

LFC Kits sent to Sierra Leone

When we knew that the Chair of the Waterloo Partnership Sierra Leone was coming over to England we approached Liverpool Football Club to see if they would kindly donate any items for the people of Waterloo Sierra Leone.

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Citizen Foundation Awards for Schools

On Tuesday 25th October 2016, members of Waterloo Partnership were delighted to attend the Roscoe Lecture, at St George’s Hall Liverpool, where representatives from the 38 schools, who contributed to the Ebola emergency fund, were awarded Good Citizenship certificates. Click Here to learn more.

Welcome Mr. Alieu Badara Mansaray

This week the Waterloo Partnership have been hosting our Chair from Sierra Leone. Mr Mansaray has been vital in the operation of the charity since its creation. He was also instrumental in helping the Partnership in delivering aid to the community in Waterloo during the Ebola Crisis. Mr Mansaray is also responsible for the ongoing support of those children orphaned by Ebola who are looked after by the Partnership.

Fundraising Update – August 2016

The Waterloo Partnership has been fortunate to have had two generous donations following inspiring musical events held in April and May 2016.

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Food Distribution – August 2016

Here is a short message that we have received from the Waterloo Partnership, Sierra Leone:

We have just completed the distribution of food items to the orphans at Benguema and Monkey Bush.

As usual there was a lot of excitement and happiness during the supplies.The distribution was timely as it coincided with the heavy rains and height of the hungry season.

Christmas Gifts for Waterloo


The seasonal Waterloo Partnership appeals had a particular urgency this Christmas. The Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone had left worsening poverty and deprivation in its wake, and we had discovered that the number of Ebola orphans needing our help was far greater than we had appreciated. To make matters worse, torrential flooding in  September swept away possessions, food supplies and newly planted crops; including the ground nuts we had provided as a means of livelihood for the Ebola orphans’ foster parents.

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Visit to Sierra Leone

In November 2015, Prof. David Lloyd, the Chair of the Waterloo Partnership made a visit to Waterloo, Sierra Leone to meet those affected by the Ebola Virus and to see how the funds had been spent during the crisis, as well as reviewing the projects we support. You can read a detailed account of his visit by clicking here and below you can see some of the many photos that he took during the trip. Click on an image to expand and view the gallery.


Christmas Gift Scheme Appeal

It is the time of year for our Christmas Gift Scheme Appeal. Click here to download the form.

You can buy a ‘Gift Certificate’ to give as a Christmas present, and make a difference to families in Waterloo, Sierra Leone. You can choose from :

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First Anniversary : James Jimmy Jajua RIP

Monday 12th of October marks the 1st anniversary of the death of our colleague, brother, uncle, DSO, Community Health Officer, formerly in charge Waterloo CHC, the late James Jimmy Jajua.  A moment of prayer will be observed at the Waterloo Community Health Clinic at 2pm on Monday and this will be followed by a memorial service on 18th of October  at the GTZ HALL Waterloo.

Luseni Kamara

Successor to James Jimmy Jajua

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BBC Radio Merseyside interview: Waterloo Partnership chair

David Lloyd, Waterloo Partnership’s chair, tells BBC Radio Merseysde’s Helen Jones about the charity’s latest work in Waterloo, Sierra Leone. Click to listen.

Orphans Kitted Out For School

Here is a photo of the some of the children orphaned by the Ebola Virus, who through your donations have been placed with carers and now have a place at school and a uniform and learning materials! The are photographed with Mrs Aminata Mansaray who organises the project for the Waterloo Partnership.

Thank you!

Benguema Orphans

Le We Tap Ebola!

‘Le We Tap Ebola’, Krio for ‘Let’s Stop Ebola!’ is the latest health slogan in Sierra Leone and thankfully it seems to be working.
It’s been an agonisingly long sixteen months since the Ebola virus first reached Sierra Leone’s northern border with Guinea, spreading rapidly and causing havoc to families and to the country. Waterloo had its first cases at the end of August and became an Ebola ‘hotspot’: there were about 150 cases by the middle of October, with 84 burials in one week. We lost count at the peak of the epidemic in November, when there were about 600 cases per week nationally.

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A Death and a Birth

We  were very sad last month to learn about the sudden death of one of the 30 Ebola orphans whom the Waterloo Partnership has been supporting in the wake of the epidemic. The child who died was just one year old. Little Fatmata Sesay, who had already lost her family to Ebola, ‘just developed a fever overnight and died early in the morning’, Chair of the Waterloo Partnership, Sierra Leone, Mr Alieu Mansaray told us. ‘She was buried by the Red Crross team at Jopoh Farm cemetery, where everyone, even from Freetown, are currently being buried. We extended your condolences to the lady caregiver. Whenever we deliver food supplies she will start crying, as she remembers Fatmata’.

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LATEST NEWS : Waterloo, Sierra Leone

A lot has been happening in Waterloo! Since our Trustees met four weeks ago and approved funding for further projects, Alieu Mansaray (Chair, WPSL) and his team have been very busy initiating and supervising a variety of ‘post-Ebola’ projects.

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Sight for Sore Eyes

Only a minority of patients have survived Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone, but sadly recovering from the acute infection does not always restore good health. For example it is known that many survivors have gone on to suffer complications such as joint pains and hair loss. It has also emerged recently that up to 50% of survivors complain of deteriorating vision. This is caused by a stubborn and often painful eye condition called ‘uveitis’, which can be triggered by a number of virus infections, including Ebola. Unless it is diagnosed and treated promptly, uveitis can cause blindness.

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Seeds of Hope – A Time of Thanksgiving

A Time of Thanksgiving – A Time of Remembrance

On Wednesday, 13 May 2015, members, trustees, donors and friends of The Waterloo Partnership gathered in the church of St Edmund of Canterbury, Waterloo, for a service of thanksgiving and remembrance, to mark 10 years since the charity, the Waterloo Partnership , was founded.

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New Ebola cases in Waterloo, Sierra Leone

Waterloo, Sierra Leone had worrying news last week. After 22 days without a new case of Ebola being diagnosed in the District, two ladies who are next-door neighbours were found to be positive for the virus. Six houses in Cole Town have been cordoned off, and WP is now providing essential food supplies for 69 people in the 22 families which have been quarantined. There are 21 children under-five involved, including 5 babies under 2yrs old. They will all be confined to their own homes for three weeks in quarantine, anxiously hoping that no-one else develops symptoms.

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