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Fundraising Update – August 2016

The Waterloo Partnership has been fortunate to have had two generous donations following inspiring musical events held in April and May 2016.

The United Reformed Church made a very generous donation of £450 following a concert at their church which was thoroughly enjoyed by local residents and Waterloo Partnership supporters.  Also, sincere  thanks to the Crosby Symphony Orchestra for a donation from ticket sales to Waterloo Partnership following their wonderful concert, held at the Philharmonic Hall in May. All who attended were treated to a most enjoyable Sunday afternoon, listening to Mozart’s Exsultate Jubilate and Mahler’s Symphony No 2.

Slightly less highbrow, but certainly just as enjoyable: fifteen WP supporters had a girls’ night in and thoroughly enjoyed a delightful ‘Prosecco and Popcorn Movie Night’ at the home of Anne and Patrick Magennis. Lots of laughter, food and wine was shared during and after the viewing of the film. Further similar events are planned. Many thanks to Anne, Patrick and family for opening their house and being such wonderful hosts and to their friends who contributed so generously to the evening, raising over £200.

Finally, an unexpected donation was given to Waterloo Partnership last week. A Beer Walk was auctioned at the Christmas Quiz in December and ‘purchased’ by two generous WP supporters for £150. This amount was doubled last week when the walk took place. Instead of ‘charging’ their sixteen friends who accompanied the benefactors, each person on the tour gave another donation to WP, which ultimately doubled the amount paid for the walk in December: bringing the total to over £300. Many thanks to Kev, Jim and John for organising the event.