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School Uniform & Education

Begun in September 2007, the School Uniform & Education Project continues to provide education for 40 vulnerable children. Core funding for the scheme is raised through the annual Christmas Gifts appeal. The project co-ordinator has adhered to the aims and purposes set out in the application for funding documentation. WPUK provides uniforms, school resources and fees, and a small allowance for guardians. The systems devised by the co-ordinator for monitoring, school attendance, academic performance, health and safety issues, and her pastoral care of the pupils have resulted in the success of the project. This year, WPUK sent an increase in funds to address resource needs and to offer some financial support to the two volunteer project assistants. With so many orphans abandoned and walking the streets, many asking can they too go to school, WPUK is currently reviewing ways in which this ‘flag-ship’ project can be further developed.