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Smiling in the Rain

Posted by Waterloo Admin on Friday, June 17th, 2022
The Waterloo Partnership is currently supporting 45 Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone, West Africa. When the deadly disease hit the country a few years ago, many families suffered.  The charity, which is based in Waterloo and Crosby, fundraise to help feed and educate the orphans.
” Most people think West Africa is incredibly hot, which it is for a lot of the time. However, Sierra Leone has a heavy rainy season, which lasts for months. We had  a request for raincoats for the children, so they could be protected on their walk to school and then would be dry and comfortable in class when focusing on their education. It was a pleasure to fund this project and we thank our donors for their generosity. Those rain coats will make all the difference.” David Moorhead Trustee of Waterloo Partnership.
The children received the rain coats from Alieu Badara Mansaray, Chair of the Waterloo Partnership Sierra Leone. It was on the Day of the African Child, which was a very appropriate. He said ” The orphans were very happy with the raingears.”

Message From Sierra Leone

Posted by Waterloo Admin on Monday, March 21st, 2022

“On behalf of Waterloo Partnership Sierra Leone, I wish to thank the Chair and all Trustees of the Waterloo Partnership UK , committee members, donors and all sympathizers for their support over the past decade plus.
Irrespective of the Corona pandemic which has devastated the world economy in general and the UK in particular ,WPUK continued to support WPSL orphans education and feeding, vunerable women farmers to generate income, the provision of safe and clean drinking water through the construction and maintenance of wells, emergency health support in the form of medical and food support to natural disasters such as fires and floods.
The recent food and uniforms support to the market women who lost all their wares and personal belongings is the latest.
I wish to assure all donors that the funds you generously contribute towards WPUK have been used and always be used for their intended purposes. We are therefore soliciting your support towards WPUK as their support to WPSL has changed hundreds and hundreds of lives in the impoverished Waterloo community and perepheral settlements.”

Alieu Badada Mansaray
Chair Waterloo Partnership Sierra Leone