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Female Farmers Flourish

Posted by Waterloo Admin on Monday, January 3rd, 2022

The Waterloo Partnership want to thank all its donors for their great generosity and support. One of the charity’s projects in Waterloo, Sierra Leone, West Africa is helping a group of female farmers. Many of the women lost their husbands in the war and were forced to become the main breadwinners. They had to learn to farm in the swamp areas around the town. The charity provides resources such as seeds, tools, wellington boots and farming advice. This project has made a significant positive impact on their and their families lives.
” The seeds and tools project has helped me and my family to live a better life as we generate income to provide food and basic medical help for the family”
Aminata – female farmer
” This project is helpful as I am able to pay the school fees for my child and pay my house rent for the family”
Fatmata – female farmer