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Seeds and Tools

One of the longest established projects is that of seeds and tools. Over 350 women farmers, including war widows, are provided with seeds, fertilizer, tools and protective footwear, in order to work the land and provide for their families. The project aims to relieve some of the dire poverty of the most vulnerable. Supported by a conscientious project co-ordinator, the women farmers, ably equipped, transform the land into a lush verdant environment. Seeing the variety of crops, the result of enormous back breaking hard work, is heartening. There is a wide range of produce: okra, greens, groundnuts, chillies, cassava, potatoes, krain krain, aubergines and maize; and in the rainy season lettuce, cucumber and rice. Yields have been increased by the supply of appropriate pesticides, and seeds are retained for the following year where possible.

The beneficiaries are all very grateful for the Waterloo Partnership’s help. Yet, the paucity of appropriate basic living accommodation for these farmers is a concern for WPUK and one which requires urgent consideration.