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Clean Water

Easy access to clean water is rare in Sierra Leone. The construction of wells changes this. A well, funded by a member of WPUK, was opened in 2010 and stands in the grounds of St Raphael’s RC Primary School. The donor, retiring from teaching after 40 years service declined leaving gifts, but requested donations for Waterloo. Touched by this request, parents, pupils and colleagues raised close on £4,000, enough for a well and educational resources. This well became the spur to WPSL and WPUK in developing well projects. The second well was built by WP at Lord Street, and the third at New Site. The Lord Street well project had a problematic start relating to the supply of materials, but thanks to the determination of the Chair of WPSL and his Personal Assistant, these were overcome. The impact of these wells is immeasurable. Easy and free access to gushing water is much appreciated by the communities. However like bridges, on-going maintenance is required, not least the regular chlorination of the water.