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EBOLA : Help for Child Victims

Most of the children in Sierra Leone are affected directly or indirectly by the Ebola epidemic: at best, no child has been to school or college since July. And in a population which is very young, with 50% under 19yrs, there are now many thousands of children living at home with their families who are going hungry, simply due to the breakdown in the economy, and the failure of farming and food supplies.

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A Tribute : James Jimmy Jajua RIP

James Jimmy Jajua

James Jimmy Jajua

A full version of the tribute can be found by click here>>>>>James Jajua Tribute

The community of Waterloo, Sierra Leone and members of the Waterloo Partnership in the United Kingdom were shocked to learn of the death of James (Jimmy) Jajua, Waterloo Community Health Officer, on 12th October, 2014.

James was playing a vital role in the Ebola epidemic as Surveillance Officer and as a doctor caring for the sick at the Health Centre and out in the community. He was highly regarded in his community and at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and will be badly missed by all.