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Let There Be Light!

Our partners in Waterloo recently advised us that many of our children struggle to do their homework in homes without access to electricity, which is in any case intermittent due to frequent outages. Sierra Leone is near the equator , so daylight fades very quickly and there are about 12 hours of darkness all year round.

Through your support we have been able to fund the provision of solar lamps for 57 children in our care , so they can continue their school work at home. This will also give support to the families they live with.

The photo of a pupil using them at night is not available now because there are restrictions on  our visits because of the risk in Covid infection. As soon as we can, we will post some photographs.

IMG_20210708_105835_393.jpg IMG_20210708_105847_764.jpg IMG_20210708_111501_169.jpg