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Christmas Fundraising

A big ‘thank you’ to Suzanne Lipsey and all the kind the children of Form 4L at All Saints RC Primary school in Anfield, whose Christmas collection raised over £17 for the charity.

Streatham House School donated the £156 raised at their Carol Service. This is the third year that the school has chosen WP as its Christmas charity, and we are very grateful to parents and children for their generosity. Thank you!

The Christmas Tree Festival at St Faith’s church is always a happy event, and an opportunity to publicise the work of WP to an audience of over a thousand visitors during the week. £120 was put in the ‘bucket’ by our tree – which was beautifully decorated by Carol Lloyd using her gorgeous hand-made ‘African huts’.

Our inventive Treasurer Rick Walker has hand-built a portable pipe organ, and is now a fully fledged Organ Grinder! Sadly there isn’t  yet a photo showing him in action; but the crowds of shoppers pouring into Sainsbury’s during the Christmas rush certainly had smiles on their face at the sight and sound of him grinding out seasonal tunes in the doorway. He ‘ground’ for hours during our two bag- packing days, and filled several collecting tins – well worth the aching arms and shoulders. Well done Rick!

We are extremely grateful to the Manager, till staff and volunteer ‘packers’, who all helped to make our major fund-raising event at Sainsbury’s such a success this year. Supermarket bag-packing on two of the busiest days of the year is not for the faint hearted, but thanks to a team of loyal and efficient ‘packers’ and very generous customers, we raised an AMAZING record sum of £4,040!

Last term David Moorhead talked about education in Sierra Leone at assemblies at Sacred Heart Catholic College, inspiring a whole flock of sixth formers to give up some of their holiday time and help with the bag-packing at Sainbury’s. They made a huge contribution on the busiest shopping day of the year! Sacred Heart also organised a disco and a collection for the WP, and presented the charity with a magnificent cheque for £1,200, to be spent on our Educational Projects. Many thanks to David and everyone at Sacred Heart College.