Our early activities focused on the material needs of the schools in Waterloo SL. It so happened that in 2005 several local schools in the UK were closing because of falling rolls, and we were able to ship out a large quantity of redundant school furniture and teaching resources: about 60 tonnes over a three year period. We also sent goods such as bicycles, sewing machines and sports equipment to support the activities of the local community. Since then we have become involved in a number of community projects in Waterloo SL: our aim is to achieve lasting sustainability wherever possible.

Our previous projects included:

  • Provision of bursaries for further education.
  • Hen project.
  • Resourcing an engineering centre for the disabled.
  • Raising funds for a library/ resource centre.
  • The construction of school classrooms and toilets.
  • Funding for a co-operative of women bakers.
  • Support for a motor mechanics training workshop.

The Waterloo Partnership has also facilitated the linking of UK and SL schools and the exchange of teachers, funded and supported by DFID and the British Council.  A total of 26 schools have participated in the programme, which is now organised independently by the schools themselves. The children involved in both countries are learning about sustainability,